Some history...

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We started selling firewood in 1976 with a chainsaw, splitting maul and pickup truck. We sold our first cords of firewood for $40 per full cord back then.

In 1978 we renamed the business Shultis Firewood and bought our first bulldozer w/winch and followed local timber harvester's and pulled the tops out of the woods and processed them by hand. At one point in the early 1980's we were processing more than 1000 full cords of firewood per year all with chainsaws and splitting mauls. We brought each cord out of the woods on F 250 pickups and filled our 1953 International R 190 Flat Bed with 5 full cords. This truck was not a dump and all wood was stacked on and thrown off by hand. My back hurts just thinking about those days.

In 1983 we renamed the company Shultis logging & Firewood. We purchased our first firewood processor and began our automated processing of firewood.  We bought our first dump truck, 1957 R 160 International with a custom installed Chevy 283 V8 for power.  We also began purchasing our own timber stands and selectively harvested timber and used all the top wood and culls for firewood. This left our harvesting jobs clean and appealing to landowners.

In 1996 we renamed the company Shultis Forest Products and bought our current Valley Firewood Processor in 2001. We have been servicing the local firewood markets for heat with this machine since.

2016 will be our 40th anniversary serving our customers in the Hudson Valley

We thank you for your support, Mike Shultis - President/owner SFP